When in the market for a new laptop computer, it is important to first decide on a few laptops of various kinds, which you may like to have, and then compare the pros and cons between them, before deciding finally on one. Since this article has to do with laptops below $1000, it means you would, first of all, locate laptops under that mark which you like, and then compare them to pick the one best suited to you.


When choosing between selected laptop s you want to buy, you will need to compare a few things,

1.) The price.

2.) The size of the hard drive.

3.) The amount of upgrade the memory can take.

4.) The size of the laptop’s viewable screen.

5.) The graphics card the laptop runs on.

6.) The processor.

Comparing these things listed above will lead you towards buying the exact computer, suitable for your price range and to your needs. Now, let us talk about some current laptops which go for less than $1000.

1.) HP PROBOOK 4710 – PRICE: $899

The features of this laptop are usually only seen in more complex notebook systems. These features include:

•    Bigger keyboard with the numeric keypad separated. Also, the keyboard happens to be spill-resistant, which is just about the coolest thing about this system.

•    17.3-inch LED-backlit HD+ display. The screen has greater power efficiency than other LCD screens.

•    Intel Core 2 Duo T6570 2.1GHz processor along with a DDR2 memory of 4GB and a hard drive of 320GB.

•    For the graphics conscious, this laptop has very strong ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330 discrete graphics.

•    An 8-cell battery which lasts long.

•    802.11 a/g/n wireless technology which comes built-in.


This laptop comes with the most advanced OS in the world as some have called it.  This laptop is eco-friendly as it has recyclable glass as well as aluminum components. Some other features include
•    Wireless

•    PC virus protection

•    Latest Intel processors

•    A stable OS (Operating system)

•    160GB hard drive

•    2.13GHZ Intel Core 2 duo processor, or higher.

When looking for computers under $1000, you simply have to consider the MacBook, as it is a complete joy to own and use.

3.) DELL STUDIO XPS 16 – PRICE: $999
This laptop is a powerful beauty and simply must be considered when comparing laptops in this category. Here are some of the features,
•    Full 1080p HD support

•    Intel Core 2 Duo P7350

•    15.6 inch WLED LCD Widescreen

•    Wireless N capability

•    6-cell battery

•    ATI Mobility Radeon graphics

•    250GB5 7200 RPM6 SATA hard drive

•    3GB2 DDR3 SDRAM3 at 1067MHz for memory

•    Microsoft Windows Vista, 64-bit Home Premium Edition

When buying laptops, it is important to know the exact capabilities of the laptop you are buying, in order to know if you could be getting something better, at a similar price.